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Repairing the main sewer line is a job for professionals.

When it comes to repairing sewer lines, always know what you are up against. Clogged or broken sewer pipes can be a complicated problem to deal with because not only does it cause water to flow back into toilet bowls, drainage systems, and eventually floors, but it can also cause a very unpleasant odor.

In 2020 there was a 45% increase in requests for main sewer lines repair. This became one of the main plumbing problems in the USA, and one in every four calls was always to request this service.

Main sewer line repair doesn’t just cost a few hundred dollars; it can cost thousands of dollars, especially if the sewer needs replacement. Before performing main sewer line repair, be sure to consider the following tips.

Tips for repairing the main sewer line.

Always determine what is causing the sewer line problem:

The best way to do this is to have us take a look with our state-of-the-art camera technology. We can identify what the problem is and where it is for a fast and accurate line repair.

This may cost a few hundred dollars, but it is worth it because you will save a lot of money when the real cause has been found and properly addressed.

There are many reasons why a sewer line fails. One is probably due to obstruction. Another is because a tree root blocks the path of the sewer line.

Living in the Northwest we have lots of beautiful trees. This can be a blessing and a curse! However, to fix the problem correctly, always have someone find the root of the problem through a camera.

Get local plumbing codes:

Before beginning any sewer line repairs, be sure to obtain local plumbing codes for safety reasons. Plumbing codes contain valuable information on safety standards for plumbing repair. Be sure to follow the code-required depth for digging to ensure repairs are kept safe. Of course, we can get all the proper requirements taken care of for you. After all, this is what we do!

Clear the obstruction yourself as much as possible:

This can be done as a DIY repair if the area with the blockage is accessible. The usual process of clearing a sewer line clog is to use a plumber’s snake or auger. This device consists of a long cable with a forked tip. The forked tip will latch onto accumulated debris and allow removal. To use the auger, find a suitable access point for the sewer line. Possible access points include roof ventilation and cleanouts found outside or in the crawlspace/basement. If you don’t have this equipment, no worries. We’ve got it all!

Following these tips, you can try to repair the main sewer line; however, it is best to hire a professional with the experience and the necessary equipment to perform this work. Did you know that at Bellevue Plumber, Sewer, Septic, Electric, & HVAC, we are experts in this and all types of plumbing repairs? Call us today and get a quote!

Have you ever wondered how your water heater is working lately?

Most people don’t stop at their water heater until it’s too late. Did you know that water heaters require specialized attention and constant maintenance? Hot water doesn’t appear out of nowhere! So it’s not a surprise every time we get an emergency call about a water heater that has stopped working.

If your water heater has suddenly stopped working, don’t waste time and call us immediately so we can repair it. However, you can look at these causes to offer us more details and make it easier for us to solve your emergency with the water heater.

The heater does not work at all:

If the heater is not producing hot water, there is probably no power, a tripped limit switch, or one or more faulty heating components. First, check the equipment breaker in the fuse box to make sure it has not tripped. If so, turn it off and on again.

The water is not getting hot enough:

If your equipment heats water, but they think it is not hot enough, it is probably too small to meet the demand in your home. Make sure the demand does not exceed the capacity of the heater. It should be 75% of its capacity as hot water. For example, a 150 liter heater is sized to meet a 110 liter demand.

The water is too hot:

Excessively hot water can be almost as frustrating as not having enough. If that’s your problem, it’s likely that one or both of the water heater thermostats are set too high.

The heater is leaking water:

This is a problem caused by leaky valves and plumbing connections, but it is also related to problems in the tank. The water leak prevents you from enjoying the advantages of electric water heaters and causes significant damage to homes, for this reason it is important to repair it as soon as possible.

The water has a bad odor and a rusty color:

If the water coming out of your tap has a brown, reddish or yellow tint, there may be corrosion inside the heater tank or on the pipes in your home. If the water that comes out has a “rotten egg” smell, there is probably bacteria in the tank and it should be replaced as soon as possible or you could get a serious infection from the bacteria.

The heater is leaking water:

This is a problem caused by leaky valves and plumbing connections, but it is also related to problems in the tank. The water leak prevents you from enjoying the advantages of electric water heaters and causes significant damage to homes, for this reason it is important to repair it as soon as possible.

If you need water heater repair in Monroe, WA, Bellevue Plumber, Sewer, Septic, Electric, & HVAC should be your first call. We have state-of-art equipment and experience to provide you with world-class plumbing service. Leave everything in our hands and watch us give your water heater the specialized attention it deserves, our certified plumbing service will leave your water heater like new!

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