Handling Clogged Drains Professionally

When is it the right time to bring in the professionals?

If you have never had to deal with clogged drains, it is very hard to tell how bad things are. If this is your case, call us immediately. We handle all sorts of clogs regardless of how bad or simple they seem to be. We act quickly, diagnosing the drains and making corrections and repairs where needed.

You should contact us if:

  • There is more than one drain acting up in your home. Also, if you notice a sewage scent around your home, you need to call professional plumbers so that the drain can be snaked out sooner than later.
  • If you use the plunger but still things are not clearing even when done vigorously, you need assistance.
  • If you don’t own a drain hand or snake, you need a plumber to handle things. You may have one, but we always have the best tools to handle stubborn clogs.

Some of the handiest tools you could try out when handling clogged drains include:

  • Plunger
    This is the first thing most people try out. The trick is to get it sealed tightly and then work on plunging for a minute. If the action doesn’t work, an auger is next.
  • Auger
    They call it lumbers snake, and it is inserted in the pipe using a clockwise motion.
  • Others
    can easily find other tools available at local stores designed for tubs, showers, and sinks. They can help with simple clogs.

It is not unusual for drains to clog sometimes. So many different things can cause it. It could happen when you are in full celebration mode and with visitors or family over. If this happens, you should call Bellevue Plumber, Sewer, Septic, Electric, & HVAC and Plumbing to come in and handle the emergency. Calling a professional is the best way to handle the situation at hand.

Clogged drains are a total mess and therefore should be handled very quickly. It is important to start looking for a solution immediately rather than just expect things to clear by themselves. Some tips can help.


The first thing to do is determine the severity of the situation. Some methods can help you clear that drain if it is not that bad. The first thing is to remove the cover from the drain, use gloves, and remove all you can with your hands.

Many people mess things up by getting a drain cleaner. This could sound inexpensive or quick, but it could damage the pipes. In the end, you may have an even bigger problem to deal with and could be expensive.

If your plumbing is done using metal pipes, boiling water and pouring it down the drain could help loosen up any mild clogs. For the PVC ones, you may choose bacteria and enzyme-based de cloggers that are locally available.

If the clog happens to be in the sink area, get the trap out and clean it. This is the pipe that is u-shaped under your sink. You can place a bowl there so that you can catch the runoff. These are good things to try out when dealing with simple clogged drains.

You can also try an auger or a plunger a try. A flat plunger works perfectly for sinks, while a round head is ideal for the toilets. The plunger can also loosen the clogs, while the auger breaks those clogs up.

If you detect that the mess you are dealing with is too much, call us immediately. We are very responsive and will be on location before you know it.do not allow the clog to mess things up in your home. There are instances when you notice that every drain within the home has issues. This could mean there is an issue with the main drain. We are the best to handle such matters.

Stopping clogs

The best way to handle clogs is by ensuring they don’t happen. Make it your rule not to let anything else go down the drain other than toilet paper, natural waste, and water. Things like baby wipes, sanitary supplies, and paper towels should be disposed of with the trash.

Grease and cooking oil should not be disposed of in the drains. Use newspapers and throw them in the garbage.

Leftovers, scraps, vegies, and peels should be thrown into the trash. They should never get anywhere close to the drains.

Professionally handling clogged drains

We operate locally and are therefore best suited to respond to your calls. We always offer affordable and reliable services. Calling us means we will:

Do a pipe inspection

it is the first thing we do when we get to you. A pipe inspection needs to be conducted occasionally. This allows us to know more about water flow within the household. We get to know more about where the blockage is

Pipe cameras

Pipe cameras help us get a better view of the pipes and see the clog itself. An internal view is always a great help. The cable must be maneuvered in the system to see the most unreachable parts of the drain.

Manual drain snake

It has a handle and a cable. This is put inside the drain. The crank pushes the cable inside. Once the cable gets to the clog, the cable has to be maneuvered till the clog is broken.

Motorized drain snake

This works almost the same as the manual snake. It is best suited for more stubborn and bigger clogs. This can be cordless or wired. It is the motor that allows us to push harder on the buildup. The cable movement is facilitated automatically.

Hydro jet

we use this for clogs that prove to be very tough to handle. Pressurized water is sent through your pipes to break the build-up. It is a fast and more efficient method of unclogging your drains.


We can use them too to remedy the lighter clogs. It may be our first attempt.


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