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Running toilet

Some things could tell you there is a problem with your toilet. One of them is when you hear running water in the bathroom a long time after the toilet was flushed. You also notice that the water bills are way higher than normal. In either case, pinpointing the issue is very important. Rectifying it is even more important.

One of the tests you can try out to see whether the toilet is running or not is very simple. You can tell whether the toilet tank is leaking into the toilet bowl. Add some food color into the tank. If you see the bowl turning color before you flush the toilet, then you know for sure you have a leaking toilet. Inspecting the tank also helps as you can investigate any sounds.

A quick fix

There are instances when handling a running toilet is very simple. In the tank or at the bottom, there is a flapper that usually moves according to water level. If there is no flushing, the flapper should be flat at the bottom. Something the flapper or the chain could be caught up on something.

Another issue could be the refill valve, or the loose float. When loose, it may not operate optimally. The toilet parts are easily acquired at the local stores, and a replacement can be done just as easily.

Plumbing issues are very common and can happen in literally all parts of the house. Sometimes, the matter is just a simple thing that can be treated as a DIY project. In some other cases, the matter can be very serious and may need the intervention of a professional.

At Competitive Water Heater and Plumbing, we have seen our share of plumbing issues and offered lasting solutions to our clients. If you are in the Eastside, contact us, and we will be with you in the shortest time.

One of the greatest issues you can face in your home is a running toilet. Running toilets is not necessarily a small plumbing matter, and trying to take care of it yourself could cause more harm than good. When you notice running toilers, it is an indication that there are many other plumbing problems in your home.

While most people try to avoid costs, leaving a running toilet unchecked will cost even more in the long run. You could face structural damage as well.

While some try fixing such issues, it is not always possible to tell how difficult the issue really is. We, the professionals, always give you an honest diagnosis. We also offer you the most affordable quotations to handle the problem.

How is a running toilet a problem?

When faced with a running toilet, you may assume that the issue is a minor one and there is no danger. However, it can aggravate an expensive situation. When you notice an issue with your toilet, don’t wait. Call us, and we will be happy to help.

A running toilet is a serious matter. There are many reasons why the issue needs to be fixed as soon as it arises, including:

Damaging leaks

Toilet leaks can happen in the tanks, but this is not the only area affected. The base of the toilet can also leak. This can lead to damage in your home that affects more than just plumbing. It is easy for the water to get into the floor. Over time, the structure of your home is weakened. This can be a very dangerous matter.

High water bills

Your running toilet can take gallons and gallons of water a day. Even when the leak is very slight but constant, the impact can be great. To avoid paying extra bills on the water you didn’t even use, get that toilet fixed as soon as the issue arises. At the end of it all, it will still be up to you to settle the eater bills.


If the toilet does not fill the right way, you weaken the flush. In this case, even normal waste can cause an issue over some time. If waste blocks up the system, the drainage system floods. In this case, you will have to deal with very messy and costly repairs.

Health hazard

Blockages and leaks are real health hazards. When flushing the toilet is very weak, you could experience a blockage close to the bowl. This could cause an overflow with water into the bathroom. This is a big health hazard. It is so messy and should be treated as an emergency. A running toilet can cause moist patches in your home. This becomes a home for mildew and mold to grow. This could lead to respiratory issues in your household..

Flood risk

Running toilets are flood risks to the septic tank. If water keeps on running throughout, the septic tank eventually overflows. This results in a major failure. This compromises the entire home drainage system. If you were avoiding the expense of fixing a running toilet, imagine dealing with water damage and flooding in your home. We can save you a lot of trouble.



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